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Corporate Social Responsibility goal of Moro Hub.

A better life for you!

Moro Hub is committed to driving change within modern economies, positively impacting every stakeholder in your business, and transforming your relationship with governments, partners, clients, and employees.


Challenge | Care | Community

Moro Hub believes in our people and their talents and is committed to providing a great professional experience. To achieve this, we have cultivated a culture of openness, participation, accountability, flexibility, and teamwork, backed by a clear, fair code of conduct. Workplace initiatives such as our wellness programme “Vitality” encourages employees to maintain both physical and mental well-being.

We believe that by enriching the lives of the people who work for us, we are enabling them to realise their full potential. Not only has Moro Hub created an environment that empowers through skills development and training, but we encourage employees to achieve international certifications and accreditations, supporting them in their journey.


Change | Contribute | Create

Moro Hub creates a sustainable business by continually exceeding customer expectations. From friendly, highly experienced engineers to our 24/7 customer support team, Moro Hub delivers industry-leading service. Frequently engaging with all stakeholders, we consistently achieve excellent value, top quality products and services, and innovative solutions, while reducing the carbon emissions generated by our data centre.

In our effort to conduct transparent, ethical business, we have aligned ourselves with partners who share our values. Having adopted fair treatment policies towards our suppliers and vendors, Moro Hub endeavours to work only with leading IT technology providers who have clear CSR policies.

The Community

Empower | Educate | Equality

By continually leading and innovating, Moro Hub can positively impact the community we serve. It is our responsibility to help create an inclusive, empowered, and equal community. To deliver this, we focus on the key areas of education and People of Determination, supporting a variety of initiatives through volunteering, fundraising, and in-kind sponsorships.

Partnering with leading community centres, such as POD Club and Al Noor Centre for Special Needs, we are committed to providing equal opportunity for talented individuals. Working with Tawteen Gate (Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation), we also support youth empowerment initiatives which help nurture and grow tomorrow’s industry leaders.

The Environment

Protect | Preserve | Promote

Moro Hub views environmental impact in a serious light and is continually working on new ways to reduce both our and our clients’ collective carbon footprint. However, migrating your IT infrastructure to Moro Hub’s purpose-built data centre is simply the first step.

We are committed to building awareness through various environmental initiatives, such as our “Switch Off” policy, geared towards reducing emissions. Leveraging innovations in the renewable energy, energy storage, and SMART technology sectors, Moro Hub’s ongoing projects, such as solar power, sewage cycling, and our waste management initiative aim to decrease power consumption and increase energy efficiency. By continually striving to minimise our environmental impact, we ensure a greener future for generations to come.

Behind the scenes

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“Avaya solutions, hosted by Moro Hub, will give businesses in the UAE the flexibility and agility they require to benefit from the latest technology trends and prepare for digital transformation. Enterprises will be able to get access to Avaya’s innovative technology solutions at prices that suit their needs, while benefiting from the reliability and expertise that industry leaders such as Avaya and Moro Hub bring to the market place.”

Nidal Abou Ltaif
Avaya President, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and EU.

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