Moro Hub Presents Green Certificate to Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) for their outstanding efforts in environmentally friendly practices.

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Moro Hub, a subsidiary of Digital DEWA, the digital arm of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (PJSC), presented a Green Certificate to Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC). This significant milestone underscores Moro Hub's commitment to sustainability and innovation and recognises DESC's dedication for utilizing Moro Hub's Green Data Center for their IT workloads.

The Green Data Center was designed and developed using the latest energy efficient technologies and solutions to reduce its environmental impact, which is the world's largest solar-powered data center in the world according to the Guinness World Records.
By choosing Moro Hub's green infrastructure, DESC is aligning itself with the global trend towards sustainability in its line of industry. The Green Certificate, is awarded to organizations that demonstrate outstanding efforts in adopting environmentally friendly practices in their infrastructure and operations. 
“We are delighted to present the Green Certificate to DESC in recognition of their efforts to integrate sustainability into their digital infrastructure. This achievement underscores the importance of collaboration between entities in driving innovation and sustainability forward. At Moro Hub, sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Through initiatives like the Green Certificate, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of environmentally responsible practices in technology. We commend DESC for their commitment to sustainability and believing in Moro’s Green Data Center services,” said Mohammed Bin Sulaiman CEO of Moro Hub.
DESC implements the values of reliability, innovation, and cooperation to achieve the goals set out by the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy. By partnering with Moro Hub, DESC has further cemented its commitment to environmental practices while maintaining the highest standards of security and resilience in its operations. 
“DESC is honored to receive the Green Certificate from Moro Hub. This acknowledgement reaffirms our dedication to implementing sustainable solutions in our digital infrastructure. We believe that by embracing green technologies, we can mitigate environmental impact and enhance operational efficiency and security,” said H.E Amer Sharaf, CEO of Cyber Security systems and services sector
The presentation of the Green Certificate to DESC marks a significant step forward in promoting sustainability and innovation in the digital landscape of Dubai. Moro Hub remains committed to driving positive change and looks forward to empowering more organizations to embrace sustainable practices in their digital transformation journey.

Posted on Thursday, March 14, 2024)

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